Privacy Fence Installation in Tyler, TX

Are you in search of a lasting and straightforward wood fencing solution? Discover our selection of wood fence options. Whether you're looking for a sturdy wooden gate or need wood fence repair, you can have confidence in our expertise.

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Wood Fence Repair in Tyler, TX

In addition to custom installation, we also provide wood fence repair services. If your fence has storm damage or wear and tear, our team of skilled professionals will restore it to its former glory. We take pride in our attention to detail and ensure that every repair is blends in with the rest of your fence.

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Wood Fencing Styles from Champion Fence

  • Treated Pine Fencing

    Pressure-treated pine wood is both durable and long-lasting, which makes it a favorite fencing material for homeowners and businesses alike. If you want long-lasting and strong, you want treated pine.

  • Composite Wood Fencing

    Composite wood is a manufactured board, but don’t let that put you off. Modern manufacturing methods ensure this wood lasts as long as traditionally grown and harvested wood while offering the same great looks.

  • Prestained Fencing

    Prestained fence installation can eliminate a step right off the bat. We offer prestained wood installation services for a variety of lumber. Pick a stain that matches your backyard aesthetic, and let us do the rest.

  • Western Red Cedar Fencing

    Western red cedar naturally repels insects, ensuring your fence remains free from unwanted guests. The pleasant, aromatic scent of cedar wood adds a unique sensory dimension to your outdoor space.

  • Composite Wood Fencing

    Composite wood fencing combines the beauty of natural wood with eco-friendly materials, reducing maintenance and environmental impact. Composite wood resists fading, warping, and rot. Feel free to enjoy the aesthetics of wood without the hassle of regular maintenance.

  • Vinyl (Wood Print)

    If you love the look of wood but the longevity of vinyl, you should consider letting Champion Fence install wood-print vinyl fencing on your property. If you want it all–including easy maintenance–this is the fencing material for you.

Explore Your Wood Fencing Options

We offer a diverse range of wood fencing materials, from the timeless elegance of redwood to the strength of oakwood and the insect resistance of cedar. Whether you prioritize aesthetics or durability, let us help you transform your space today.

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This company booked us with short notice to complete a much-needed wood fence. Wow! They arrived early and finished the entire fence in a day, just as they said. Highly recommend them for fence projects.

Naturally Beautiful Boundaries from Champion

Elevate your property's privacy and appeal with custom-designed wood fencing tailored to your specific needs. We cater to both residential and commercial wood fencing projects in Tyler, TX, and we’re committed to ensuring our customers are happy with their wooden fences.

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