Complete Metal Fencing Services

Champion Fence proudly offers an extensive range of metal fencing services uniquely crafted for Tyler, TX residents. Whether you're interested in a robust metal privacy fence or require precise metal fence repair, you can trust our skilled team to deliver.

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Metal Fence Repair in Tyler, TX

Tyler, TX residents rely on Champion Fence for exceptional metal fencing repair.

Our technicians can diagnose and repair every aspect of your metal fence, including gates, access control systems, and more.

Contact Champion Fence today to schedule a visit from our fencing repair specialists.

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Diverse Metal Fence Selections

Discover a world of metal fencing options at Champion Fence, where classic wrought iron, modern picket, versatile chain-link, and stylish privacy solutions await your property. Your vision, our expertise.

  • Classic Elegance with Wrought Iron Fences

    Champion Fence is proud to offer a diverse selection of metal fencing options to cater to your unique preferences. If you desire the timeless elegance of wrought iron fences, our skilled team can craft them to perfection.

  • Modern Appeal with Aluminum and Steel Picket Fences

    For those seeking a more modern touch, our range includes aluminum and steel picket fences. These fences combine strength and style, offering a clean and contemporary look to your property.

  • Versatile Options with Chain-Link and Wire Fences

    At Champion Fence, we understand that versatility is key. Our metal fencing options also include the ever-practical chain-link fences and durable wire fences. These options provide an ideal balance between security and visibility.

Stylish Privacy and Security with Aluminum Slat, Corrugated Metal, and Privacy Screen Fences

In addition to the classic and modern choices, we offer stylish solutions for privacy and security. Our range includes aluminum slat fences, which provide a blend of privacy and aesthetics. If you prefer an industrial look, our corrugated metal fences are a perfect fit.

Tyler’s Trusted Source for Metal Fencing

With Champion, you have the freedom to choose the perfect metal fencing option that aligns with your unique needs and preferences.

Contact us today to explore our wide selection and bring your metal fencing vision to life.

“They did everything with care and quality”

Our crew was very good and helpful when they put in a privacy and metal fence. They did everything with care and quality. I recommend this company.

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